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Florida’s laws and legal processes are complex, but you can depend on attorney Annalie Alvarez to explain your options in a straightforward manner. As your legal ally, she will help you protect the people and things you value.

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Navigating the legal system is no easy task. Procedures are intricate. Terms used in legal documents can be hard to understand. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and discouraged when you need to use the law to solve a problem.

When you need assistance with a high stakes legal matter, turn to attorney Annalie Alvarez. As the sole practitioner of her boutique firm, attorney Alvarez works closely with all her clients. Ms. Alvarez speaks English and Spanish fluently, using her extensive insight to help you accomplish your goals.

Your legal journey may seem long and filled with obstacles. With Ms. Alvarez by your side, you can rest assured that your concerns will be handled in an efficient and effective manner.

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For nearly 15 years, attorney Alvarez has sought out economical approaches for clients confronting civil and criminal concerns.

If you have been entrusted with settling your loved one’s estate, Annalie Alvarez can guide you through the probate or estate administration process. For clients seeking to protect their legacy and their loved ones, Ms. Alvarez customizes estate plans according to their needs and circumstances. Attorney Alvarez tirelessly advocates for family law clients engaged in divorce proceedings, custody disputes or other contentious issues.

In addition to representing clients in civil matters, Ms. Alvarez assists clients seeking a second chance through expungements or sealing of a criminal record. As your advocate, she will explore all available options to secure a favorable outcome.

In or out of the courtroom, you can depend on attorney Alvarez to tirelessly assert your rights and interests.

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