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 Founded in 2009

Law Office of Annalie Alvarez

About Us

The Law Office of Annalie Alvarez, P.A. is a bilingual boutique law firm focused on resolving client’s legal issues in a variety of legal practice areas.


Attorney Alvarez represents local and international clients in legal matters related to family law and paternity issues such as, divorce, child support, child custody, step-parent adoptions, child support modifications and the defense of these, timesharing, and parental rights.  In addition, probate and will & estate planning including but not limited to drafting power of attorney, wills, living will, health care surrogates, deeds and more. 


Attorney Alvarez aggressively advocates for, and represents, her client’s legal interests in a professional and cost conscious manner, always sensitive to the interruptions a legal issue brings to a client’s life.

Our team treats each client with integrity and respect, and understands the stress and difficulty a legal problem introduces into a person’s life. Our aim is to help clients achieve resolution of their legal issue so they can move forward to the next chapter of their personal or professional life. We are here to listen and assist.​

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Mrs. Annalie Alvarez, Esq.


Since 2007, when she began her legal practice in Florida, Attorney Annalie Alvarez has focused on helping clients resolve issues, not complicating them further. 

Attorney Alvarez takes an individualized approach to each case, rejecting the impersonal factory approach to the practice of law so pervasive in today’s legal market.  She develops a quality relationship with her clients from the first consultation, through the conclusion of their legal case. 

Prior to opening her own boutique law firm, Annalie Alvarez interned for the Honorable James Lawrence King, Federal Chief Judge for the Southern District of Florida. 


Thereafter, Attorney Alvarez expanded her legal background by working at a law firm which represented international clients against large corporations in the area of personal injury. 


For the last 16 years Annalie Alvarez has expanded her practice in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate, Divorce, Paternity, Child support, and all areas of Family Law including Domestic Violence and Property Insurance Claims.

You must keep your mind on the objective,

not on the obstacle.

William Randolph Hearst

Law Books

Value 01.


1. The action of paying close attention to something.

2. The action of assiduously attending to the comfort or wishes of others; politeness or courtesy.

Our team is here for you. The Law Office of Annalie Alvarez ensures that each client gets our undivided attention when learning and litigating their specific legal issues. We understand the importance of your case and the value of your time and therefore, we take the time to learn what you need and work towards that specific goal.

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