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03. Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of planning for the distribution of your tangible and intangible property upon death, and may also include planning for your potential incapacity.  No matter what your net worth, it is important to have an estate plan in place to be certain that your family is provided for in the event of your death or incapacity.  We guide you in identifying your present and potential assets, and prepare a Last Will & Testament that will distribute said assets according to your expressed desire. 

Many individuals are under the misconception that Estate Planning is unnecessary when there is a living spouse as they will “automatically inherit” all of the couples assets.  In some cases, that may not be the decedent’s intent, nor in the best interest of the surviving spouse. Cases of blended families require clear directives to ensure that every family member old and new understand and receive the percentages intended for each heir. 


Preneed Guardianships are especially compelling when you have a history of Alzheimer's in the family.  It is paramount to have these documents drafted well before a diagnosis.  This document is also important when you have minor children as it gives the parent the peace of mind that they have chosen their minor children's guardian in case of an untimely death or incapacity whether permanent or temporary.

The State of Florida has specific requirements for the preparation of testamentary documents, and it is paramount that you have an attorney draft these documents for you to ensure your intent is properly communicated.

01. Last Will and Testament
               Outlines what to do with possessions,                             whether the deceased will leave them to                       another person, a group or donate them to                   charity, and what happens to other things that               they are responsible for, such as custody of                   dependents and management of accounts                   and financial interests.

02. HIPAA Release
               Permits the disclosure of personal health                       information to an individual of your choosing                 for a purpose that would otherwise not be                     permitted by  the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

03. Durable Power of Attorney and                    Designation of Medical Surrogate
            Allow someone you appoint to make financial              and medical decisions for you in the event                    that you are unable to make those decisions                for yourself. 

04. Living Wills
           States your wishes regarding life-sustaining                   medical treatments during end-of-life situations.

05. Preneed Guardianship
           Allow an individual to designate who they wish             to be named as their Ward, or caregiver of                     their property, and person.

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