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01. Property Insurance Claims

Property Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, accidents happen and storms are inevitable.  At the Law Office of Annalie Alvarez we understand how damage to you or your property can disrupt not only ones daily life but the lives of those that cohabit with you.  


The effects of seeing one's home and property in disarray can have a disheartening effect on our mental state. We pride ourselves in the interpersonal relationship we have with each client and the interest we take in their individual circumstances.  Attorney Alvarez assists clients in filing property insurance claims and recovering a fair settlement for their damages. 


At the onset, Attorney Alvarez will review your policy to provide the best approach to your claim.  Thereafter, our team will assist in following up with the insurance carrier and providing the countless information they may request at any given time. Do not wait until your claim has been denied or underpaid to contact us as this will prolong the time it takes to obtain your funds.  Make the right move from inception.


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