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Answering Your Probate Questions

Navigating the probate process on your own often leaves people with more questions than answers. Instead of going through these issues blindly, get the information you need here at The Law Office of Annalie Alvarez. We have extensive knowledge of probate law and the resolution process, and regularly address client questions such as:

What is probate?

Probate is the process that settles a decedent’s estate, including distributing assets and settling debts. The resolution process often involves validating a well, and appointing an executor to oversee the administration of the resolution process.

Can wills be signed electronically or online?

Despite public opinion, it is possible to sign a will electronically or online. In the past, this method of estate planning was not possible, but the laws have changed to allow this option.

How long does the probate process in Florida usually take?

The length of a probate resolution varies from case to case. Generally, the probate process can take between six and 12 months to resolve. If the estate is especially complex, it can take longer than that.

Do all estates in Florida have to go through probate?

Not every estate plan needs to undergo the probate process. For example, if the decedent’s assets were in a living trust or were passed on through some other nonprobate option, it may be possible for an estate to entirely avoid probate.

Can someone contest a will during the probate process in Florida?

It is possible to contest someone’s will, but not everyone can do it, and there needs to be a reason. Firstly, only someone who has a vested interests in the outcome of the current will or a previous version can contest a will, and they will need a valid reason to contest it, such as fraud allegations, under influence, or lack of testamentary capacity.

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